Another Yesterday (Seashells and Second Chances Book 2)

Angela Christina


Two stories, two generations, one common destination. In 1966 Maggie ends up in Shadow Brook alone with her baby daughter, wondering how she will survive all that is still to come and feeling completely alone. Almost 30 years later, 1995 finds Rachel with a situation she could never have imagined. Her seemingly almost perfect life is falling apart around her, and she too finds herself in Shadow Brook, confused about her future, and no idea what to do. Nobody would guess how much these stories are connected until secrets are forced into the open, proving that people aren’t defined by their past, but rather how they deal with their future, especially when second chances present themselves for the taking.

This is a story of second chances, told from the perspective of two completely different generations, with the viewpoint dancing back and forth between them quite skillfully. This story definitely gets stronger as it progresses. Perhaps the reader gains an understanding of the characters’ many layers, or perhaps the author is able to provide a more immersive experience as the story becomes clearer to her. Whatever the case, the earlier errors that had been irritating became lost as the pages turned, presenting unexpected twists even when the story appeared to be clearly heading in one direction. Although a little rough around the edges, the story works as a heartwarming standalone, and a reminder that sometimes there is far more to things than first meet the eye.

Melanie Newton