Animal Angel

M. J.

Mavis owns and operates a dog and cat rescue, using her work to hide from the guilt she feels for the death of her parents and to fill the void created by the loss of her ability to have children. When Detective Weston Speier arrives on her rescue’s doorstep with a frightened pit bull, Mavis’s instant attraction to him sets her internal alarms to clanging and she immediately begins pushing him away. Though at first he is taken back by her rudeness, Weston quickly comes to recognize a woman in pain, and begins to look past Mavis’s surly exterior to see the woman hidden behind the sharp tongue and frosty glare. He is determined to get close to her despite her rude and scathing remarks each time they come into contact.


Ms. Wilson writes a heartwarming short story of one woman’s struggle to allow herself to open up and find love. Weston’s determination and sense of humor is charming and Mavis’s struggle will bring a tear to readers’ eyes. The writing flows well but the length of the story doesn’t allow for much development of the relationship between Mavis and Weston leaving the reader with a happy-for-now ending, which may result in many wishing for more.


Molly S. Daniels