All the Wrong Places


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  American born, Australian raised, Rachel Kennedy is down on her luck. As a struggling actress, she has had her fair share of rejection along the way. At a recent audition, after losing a shoe and using the wrong accent, she cemented her bad luck streak. After a breakup she didn’t see coming, best friend Lily lends a helping hand and not only offers to let her crash in her sewing room, so she doesn’t have to turn to her Dad for help, Lily also takes her for a girls’ night out on the town. Christian Whitmore, cop extraordinaire, comes to Rachel’s rescue after their girls’ night and a few too many drinks. Rachel and Christian get off to a rocky start, but she is determined to make something in her life work. With the help of Christian’s identical twin brother, Kevin, and insight from Lily, Rachel is taking a hard look at her life and wondering if she is looking in all the wrong places for happiness. 

Randi Perrin is romantic comedy gold! Readers looking for a RomCom with the hilarity of Sophie Kinsella but a little more of a steam factor need look no farther than Randi Perrin. With hilarious wit, characters oozing charm, and many aww-worthy moments, readers will be so entranced in this story, life as they know it will stop, and only Rachel’s world will matter.  This is the perfect read for rainy days inside or sunny beach days. Either way readers will be left with a smile on their faces!

Alison Ellis