All I Ever Wanted (Summer Love Novels Book 1)


Kinsley is forced to go home following her father’s death. Her hometown is riddled with bad memories and now she has to sort through the cryptic ones left behind - the ones her family refuses to discuss. Former soldier Bastian wants nothing more than a quiet life in Staunton. His shooting course is proving popular with the local women who appear to want to learn more than how to shoot a gun. When the one woman he can't forget comes into his store to sell an antique gun, Bastian decides that maybe he can hold off on the quiet life for the moment to get the woman he wants.


The relationship and dialogue between the main characters in this book is absolutely fantastic! Kinsley is sassy and Bastian gives as good as he gets. The story develops well with the passion between Kinsley and Bastian becoming more intense. There is also the mystery that Kinsley’s family seems to be keeping from her which progresses well throughout. Katrina Mills has written a fantastic book with good description. Bastian is the typical man that every woman wants, but he only has eyes for one woman. Kinsley just wants to get out of Staunton but it doesn’t quite go to plan. This book marks the beginning of what looks to be a very good series!


Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick