Aim for Love (Tavonesi Series #5)


Sabrina Tavonesi never expected to make it big. She starred in her friend’s indie movie as a favor, and it has rocketed her into Hollywood stardom. But fame comes with strings: relentless paparazzi and a lunatic who attacks her, leaving her with a wounded shoulder. The acting itself is far from easy - falling into her role has left her with nightmares she can’t run away from. At least her brother has a solution for her shoulder: baseball player Kaz Tokugawa is a wizard with such injuries. If only he didn’t make her feel so much.

Kaz made a vow to his grandfather - one that he never considered breaking. But now there’s Sabrina, tempting him, making him wish that he was free to make his choice of a wife.  Since he can’t, he will just have to maintain the distance between them. Easier said than done. 

"Aim for Love" is a sports romance filled with fascinating bits and pieces about Japanese culture. What also shines throughout the book are characters, not only Kaz and Sabrina, but their families and friends. They are vivid and very easy to like. It’s easy to immerse oneself in the story, but there were some details that chaffed and were unnecessary. Also, plot twists that are based on misunderstandings which can easily be resolved with one question just don’t feel right in this situation, and with these characters. All in all, a truly wonderful hero, lots of lovable characters and a romance that will leave a reader satisfied!

Ana Smith