After the Rain (Rain Trilogy #3)


NEW ADULT:  Working hard to put a life of dreadful abuse behind her, Raina is now happily married to Kas, the love of her life, and is determined to bring down the horrific human trafficking ring her FBI team has been working on so hard.  Kas, as the director of the team, is proud of the work his gifted wife is able to do in uncovering and weeding out the names from confiscated computers but is terrified for her safety when the mastermind behind the atrocities realizes how close they are to uncovering his identity and sets his sights on Raina. In a desperate fight to find him before he destroys her, Raina must draw upon every ounce of courage, face her every demon, while protecting her love in order to survive.


This is the third, and last, installment of the Rain Trilogy.  Because the story begins right where the second book left off, it would be virtually impossible to read as a standalone.  If one has read the previous two installments, however, this is the piece dé resistance, as the suspense ratchets up to full force in a chase for their lives!  The choice to write these stories in first person, present tense point of view is very distracting at times and one must suspend believability to accept that Raina would be such an integral part of the FBI at such a young age.  Her actions fluctuate between a normal 20-year-old, and a seasoned veteran.  Still, the overall relationship building, as well as the intrigue that culminates in the take down is well worth the ride!


Ruth Lynn Ritter