The Admission


Cathy is a shy and overly cautious woman living at home with her father. She has lived in the shadow of her mother, who passed while giving birth to her, her whole life. Her relationship with her father is strained and no matter how hard she tries, her father just can’t forget that her birth took away the love of his life. Cathy’s cousin introduces her to his friend, Rodrigo, and the sparks start flying. Rodrigo is a club owner. He falls hard and fast for Cathy and immediately recognizes her father’s mistreatment. He moves her into his home hoping to separate and shelter her from her father. As her relationship with Rodrigo develops and she has a taste of love and happiness for the first time, her father and a crazy ex-girlfriend of Rodrigo’s begin to plot to destroy that love. 


Ms. Bergman writes a highly improbable story, told almost entirely through stilted dialogue and very little descriptive writing. The only exception to this is a few erotic scenes, which are not even between the hero and heroine but between Cathy’s father and the crazy ex-girlfriend. There are many holes in the story as well as confusing phrasing and very unlikely situations. However, Ms. Bergman does write sweet characters and an understanding hero who stands up for Cathy when her father belittles and berates her. 


Molly Daniels