Addicted to Love (Serendipity #1)


Dan Rothberg is a successful forensic accountant. A widower with a teenage daughter, he can’t seem to escape his self-imposed miserable personal life long enough to find happiness with a woman. Hannah Cohen has a budding career in public relations and is recently back on the dating market. When she meets Dan and his daughter Tess at a JCC concert, she thinks he could he be her Mr. Right. Will Dan allow himself to find happiness?

 The moment Dan and Hannah meet, there is a definite attraction; however Dan failed to get her number. Taking a leap of faith, he does a little internet search and contacts Hannah at her office. Hannah has never dated an older man, much less one with a teenage daughter. Soon enough she finds that getting along and being accepted by Tess is the least of her worries.  Dan and Hannah each have family secrets that could make or break their new relationship. Dan has a permanent injury from a past accident complete with demons that haunt him every day. 

 "Addicted to Love" is a refreshing take on contemporary romance, with a single dad getting back into the dating scene. The relationship between Hannah and Tess is endearing and relatable. Readers are only given small hints about Dan’s accident and his fight with dependency until deep into the book. This, coupled with the angst-filled cat and mouse game between Dan and Hannah, is a bit unnerving, but once the full details are revealed, one can’t help but root for this couple!

Layne Lancaster