Acute Reactions


Petra is an allergist just starting out her practice, and has no time for men. Ian doesn’t understand the electricity he feels every time he goes to Petra for his allergy shots. Petra too, feels the draw towards Ian, but being attracted to one's patients is a big no-no and an AMA reportable offense. Then Ian stops coming to her, and begins coming ON to her. She is in a quandary: is it ethical to date an ex-patient? She listens to her heart and decides to go out with the bespectacled Ian. What could possibly go wrong?


This is a cute story with convincing characters! Each one has some kind of ethical baggage, which makes for some thought-provoking interactions between them all. "Acute Reactions" is a fast-paced novel and an enjoyable read. Although there are a few editing errors that are sprinkled throughout the piece, the descriptive language used is beautiful and makes it easy for the reader to imagine what the restaurants, apartments, and the walk between looks like. One can feel the ambience of each of the restaurants - Field and Stream - and they are very different. Field is so very elegant whereas Stream is laid back and relaxed. Ms. Lang delivers a realistic story to which doctors and patients alike can relate.


Belinda Wilson