The Accidental Heiress


TIME TRAVEL: Jessica and her husband, Robbie, are excited to enjoy a long-awaited honeymoon to Robbie’s homeland of Ireland with a secret – Robbie is a time traveler who lived in Ireland a century ago. They end up at Meirliun, where Robbie grew up with his mother. Meirluin, now run as a Bed and Breakfast by the relatives of friends of Robbie’s past, is a treasure of family tree memories. Jessica discovers Robbie’s mother’s journal of unraveled history that not even Robbie knew since his departure to America. To Robbie’s surprise, his best friend, first love, and his mother all had secrets of their own. Jessica begins to realize that the current residents of Meirliun may also know more than they are telling.

“The Accidental Heiress” intrigues with Irish ghosts of the past and family secrets revealed. Once the riveting beginning ends the story moves at a much slower pace. Robbie and Jessica’s awkward conversations tend to unload information rather than add to the overall story. The thrilling story embarks with the change of point of view to the past lives of Lewy and Livy. Their story turns the pages in anticipation of their outcomes and the surprise at the end will leave readers impressed with the unexpected twists. Just as the twists unfold, Robbie’s decisions, back in present day, slows the pace once again, robbing the story’s momentum. The time travel theme seems to be more of going back in time rather than actual travels of Robbie. Overall, the beautiful picture painted by Cj Fosdick throughout the tale of Irish history intertwined with family choices, past and present, is a twisty read.

Moira Wolf