Abiding Echoes


Justin McGee has always been an old-fashioned cowboy whose love of  land is only matched by his love of family.  He’s worked hard his whole life, but doesn’t quite know how to slow down until a heart attack puts him in the hospital and fighting for his life.  Some would not believe the one person sitting by his bed, keeping him company…is she real or just in Justin’s dreams? 
One must go back to the beginning with Justin and his memories of how he and his beautiful wife Beth met.   She was passing by in a beat up old hippie van and as luck would have it – just happened to break down near Justin’s ranch where he could rescue this damsel in distress.  She was out to see the world and he was chained to the ranch and could never leave.  She was a rich city gal and he was a struggling cowboy –  and while the attraction is undeniable, how would they ever get past all the obstacles? The answers makes for a beautiful love story!
 Readers will be caught up in this unforgettable and timeless love story! It is the 3rd story in a series about a little town called Orson’s Folly, and when the last page is done, one will want to read the 1st two books and find out more about the people in this charming family. Justin is good-looking, strong and extremely loyal to his family - you so want him to get past the wall he has built around his heart and find true love. The author knows how to capture all this and still have a few surprise twists and turns that keep the pages turning.
Lynne Coyer