Love in Hiding (Love Beyond Danger #1)


Ballet dancer Sarah Cooper is on the run from an insane stalker. She has had to leave everything she holds dear to her heart: her career, her apartment, and her family. Love is the last thing on her mind as she hides from her stalker, posing as a ranch hand at a horse ranch. Former Navy SEAL Bruce Murphy is a rough, standoffish and silent type of man. A widower, he has sworn never to fall in love again; however, he cannot deny the chemistry that flows between him and Sarah every time they are near one another. Bruce notices Sarah is scared and offers to help her but he can only do so if she opens up to him completely about what is happening. Will Sarah be able to risk letting someone into her life who could potentially endanger her? Is the reward worth the risk?

This is a fast-moving, exciting novel. The main characters are the perfect combination of charming and complex. In addition, the secondary characters are meticulously intertwined within the story, so much so that they actually do not feel as though they are secondary. This contemporary romance delivers electrifying heat between characters with a sprinkle of humor. The suspense is as alluring as the romance, which should keep the pages turning from the beginning until the end. Readers who love romance, suspense, intrigue, and complex characters should be more than pleased reading “Love in Hiding.” 

Tina Donovan