A Wolfe Among Dragons: Sons of de Wolfe, (de Wolfe Pack, Book 8)

Kathryn Le Veque
Narrator: Brad Wills

HISTORICAL:  In 1282 in Llandeilo, Wales, the English army is ambushed by the Welsh, and James de Wolfe appears to be mortally wounded.  His father and brothers have no choice but to leave his body, and barely escape with their lives.  Doing so nearly breaks the spirit of William de Wolfe, James’s father. Five years later a Welsh warrior named Blayth the Strong is helping to fuel fighting aimed at getting the English out of Wales. Blayth is rumored to be the bastard son of Welsh royalty, and it is said that any battle he is involved in, is assured victory.  Blayth fights for Morys, the man orchestrating the plan to defeat the English.  Morys is the uncle of Asmara, who has been raised to lead and fight like a man, and is instrumental in capturing an English castle while fighting under Blayth’s command, and impresses him.

This is a heartfelt tale that starts with heartbreak, yet redeems itself in scenes filled with wonder. There are copious Welsh and English names and titles to keep track of in this story, but the important ones are readily recalled.  The author does a convincing job creating intense scenes and emotionally charged characters that stay with the reader long after the story ends.  Few readers could remain unmoved by the struggles these two protagonists face.  The audiobook draws the reader in fully, wondering what will happen next.  The action is paced perfectly, and the tension is palpable throughout. 

This narrator brings the characters to life in amazing ways.  Accents are believable and the energy level is consistent throughout.  Overall, the production quality is consistent throughout and the narrator is the perfect choice to bring this story to life. There are no issues with extraneous mouth noises or mic drops.  Warning:  keep tissues nearby while listening!

Carey Sullivan