The Witches of Vegas

Mark Rosendorf
Narrator: Jeff Hutchins

Isis Rivera has been in the foster system for quite some time. After her magical powers are discovered by one of her families at the age of nine, she flees to go live with Sebastian—a man who has abilities similar to her own. Now fifteen, she has been given permission to join Sebastian’s stage show on the Vegas strip. During her debut, she locks eyes with a handsome young man in the audience. Zack Galloway is an assistant to the last magician left in the city, and he has orders to try and discover the secrets of Isis’ show. What he doesn’t realize is that magic is real, and it might be the only thing to save humanity.

Mr. Rosendorf has created a rich urban fantasy world that will satisfy lovers of the genre looking for their next fix! The world building is real and developed. Add in that pieces of the narrative are actually based on a true story, and readers will feel immersed into this impressive creation. Isis is an engaging character full of hope and charm that make her immediately relatable. Zack on the other hand comes off as the boy next door despite the secrets he hides from her. Their chemistry together is organic, though full of a lot of common genre tropes. Mr. Rosendorf uses them well, keeping them familiar to fans of young adult and urban fantasy. The side characters in the novel are equally as interesting. All of that mixed with the action of the plot make for a quick and engaging read!

Mr. Hutchins’ performance is one full of energy and emotion. While his reading of the material is a bit quick, the connection he has to the characters and the events of the book never wanes. Each character has a unique tone or vocal quirk to keep them different from the next, and that brings the whole book to life in a new way! Overall it makes for a great listen!

Chelsea Andersen