When Tinker Met Bell (A Nocturne Falls Universe Story)

Alethea Kontis,
Narrator: B. J. Harrison

YOUNG ADULT/PARANORMAL:  Bellamy Merriweather Larousse is a beautiful, popular fairy in the town of Nocturne Falls. So why is she hanging out with the misfits? One of those misfits is Tinker, one of the Lost Boys of the Goblin Kingdom. Unbeknownst to him, he’s about to be crowned the new Goblin King. Once he is forced to leave Nocturne Falls, he won’t be allowed to see Bellamy again. Will he ever have the courage to tell her the true depths of his feelings before it’s too late?

“When Tinker Met Bell” has all the makings of a great New Adult romance. It’s got tragic romance, an underdog to root for, and a love that’s built around so much more than physical appearances. The college setting and side characters are all so well developed they feel real. Tinker is the good guy nerd of a hero who everyone can root for, and Bell is a sweet and sassy heroine that complements him well. Everything about this story flows naturally. The pacing is so fantastic it is hard to break away from. All of the Goblin-King elements were a great touch too. Anyone who is a fan of the film “The Labyrinth” will definitely appreciate this book.

Mr. Harrison’s narration fits the story perfectly. His characterization is spot on, making it easy to tell who is speaking when. There’s also a great deal of energy in his voice and a conversational tone that is appealing as well as fitting for the story itself. Everything about the way he tells the story makes it come alive so vividly.

This is a great novella to listen to for anyone who enjoys fantasy, paranormal, or just a good, classic, love story.

Chelsea Anderson