Unpack Your Travel Budget : Change Your Lifestyle and See The World

Marianne Curcio
Narrator: Mary Beth Peterson

INSPIRATIONAL/MEMOIR:  A guide to seeing the world on a tight budget, “Unpack Your Travel Budget” shares tips to  save readers money so they can see amazing places and experience other cultures. But it also will have them reevaluating their life’s priorities . Rather than act as a book on coupon cutting and penny pinching, “Unpack Your Travel Budget” asks readers to reexamine where their money is going and if it is truly to the things that matter.

Ms. Curcio has created a unique book about life in “Unpack Your Travel Budget”. A great deal of the advice offered in this book would be considered untraditional for many. For example: Not going to the museum! Some listeners might cringe at the advice, but when the time is taken to pause and reflect on it, the advice is full of even deeper nuggets of wisdom. Those nuggets are what makes the book shine! “Unpack Your Travel Budget” isn’t simply a book about traveling and saving money, it is a book about living life to the fullest and saying yes to the important things in life! Ms. Curcio’s writing is light, fun and personal! The book itself is a quick listen, and is easy to go through in a day — or multiple times if desired!

Ms. Peterson has a wonderful tone and cadence that is very fitting for this book. She speaks to the listener like she would a close friend, letting them in on a great secret. Her performance is connected to the material, making the information provided inside the book that much more impactful.

This is a perfect listen for anyone who has always thought about traveling the world, but isn’t sure how to go about it! The life lessons and personal stories make it great for anyone looking for a quick pick-me-up!

Chelsea Andersen