The Unfinished Garden

Barbara Claypole White
Narrator: Ana Clements, Paul Heitsch

CONTEMPORARY:  Ever since her husband’s death, gardening has been Tilly’s safe haven where she can find peace with her son Isaac. When James Nealy enters the picture and asks her to landscape his property, she flat out refuses. But James is persistent, plagued with a fixation on her working for him due to a mental illness that makes his thoughts a bit too loud. He’s convinced Tilly’s renovation of his property will cure the problem. When she’s called away to England for a family emergency, he follows after her. Together, can they come up with a compromise that will lessen the noise and blossom a deep friendship?

“The Unfinished Garden” is full of deep, richly developed characters that are as beautiful and diverse in personality as the garden described in the novel. Much like the flowers, they grow and fight through rough patches until they fully blossom. Tilly is a delightful woman whose pain is heartfelt, yet also not overwhelming as she moves forward in her life without her husband. James is a character full of all kinds of mixed emotions, and he sways between them in believable, but unpredictable ways. All of the side characters are also distinctly unique. All could hold the story on their own! It’s a magnificent work of fiction that truly touches the soul with every page turn.

Ms. Clements is a wonder to listen to! Her performance of all of the characters is diverse and passionate. Never was there a moment of confusion. Each emotion is felt. Mr. Heitsch’s performance is at the same level of quality. The moments of James’ panic as he deals with his mental illness were especially on point. Together the two make the book come alive!

This book is incredible and beautiful! Highly recommended!

Chelsea Andersen