Sway (Shelfbrooke Academy Book 3)

M. F. Lorson
Narrator: Joyce Oben

YOUNG ADULT/CONTEMPORARY:  Three years ago, Anne Bennet had the perfect boyfriend, Christopher. But she broke his heart when she moved away to a boarding school. Her roommate there suggested she start over with no strings attached, and Anne took followed that advice. Anne still thinks of Christopher, but figures their paths wouldn’t cross again — until he shows up at Shelfbrooke Academy as a student. Their reunion is icy, and all of the feelings Anne once had for Christopher resurface. All she needs is for him to give her a second chance.

“Sway” is a retelling of a classic Jane Austen novel, “Persuasion,” and the story holds true to that classic feeling. M. F. Lorson’s writing has a touch of that Austen magic in her words, yet manages to keep the book feeling modern as well. It is a perfect blend of both worlds! Christopher and Anne have a sweet, slow burn, romance that some readers will love and others might find frustrating. There are a few moments where events could be expanded on to give the story more depth as well. Despite all of that, the book is still an enjoyable read.

Ms. Oben’s narration is well done, and she truly captures the persona of Anne. Through her performance, we can truly feel what she feels, and it makes the connection for the reader that much stronger. Some of the side characters blend together a bit, and Christopher could use a bit more of the same passion that's put into Anne. That being said, Ms. Oben is still able to make the book shine!

This is a great book for lovers of contemporary romance and classic literature!

Chelsea Andersen