Storm of Arranon

R.E. Sheahan
Narrator: Erin Mallon

YOUNG ADULT/FANTASY/SCI-FI:  Cadet Erynn Yager's life is upended when an invading alien society forces her to use the strange abilities she's kept hidden all her life and take refuge on a neighboring planet where she discovers a connection she's never known about. As she explores the extent of her powers and her history with the planet of Arranon, she is surrounded by allies who wish to see the invaders repelled just as much as she does. But in order to emerge victorious, Erryn will have to embrace a destiny where the fate of all she holds dear rests on her shoulders.

 Fans of both science fiction and fantasy will enjoy Ms. Sheahan’s lyrical storytelling which balances the invading forces of a space fleet with the mystical properties of a conscious world and supernatural abilities. The story is told predominantly through Erryn’s eyes, along with several secondary characters, and struggles to maintain consistent pacing, often switching between periods of intense action and lulls of description. The romantic elements, while sweet, never truly feel developed or organic in nature and Erryn, introduced as a Cadet who was raised as the daughter of a General, constantly goes against what the listener assumes should be second nature considering her military upbringing. Despite all that, readers will relate to Erryn's empathetic nature, even as she struggles with increasing responsibilities.

 Narrator Erin Mallon is the perfect voice for this story, with subtle emotional inflections that really drive home the intense moments of the story. Her ability to maintain consistency among her male characters, however, can leave the listening ear a little confused as to who is speaking because the story doesn't always use speech tags. Even so, Mallon will send many listeners looking for other work she's done because she makes the experience so enjoyable.

Amanda Lyn