Starless: Executioner Knights (Book Three)

Kathryn Le Veque
Narrator: Brad Wills

HISTORICAL:  When hot headed Achilles de Dere met Susanna de Tiegh, the wrong kind of friction happened. They clashed, and friends were certain she’d kill him. Now, she’s all he can think of, and those thoughts are distracting him from work for William Marshal, the Earl of Pembroke. When Susanna discovers that her brother is involved in a plot to kill the king, her path crosses with Achilles’ again. Unfortunately, her brother is aware of Achilles quest to stop him. He uses Susanna as a distraction, selling her to the crown’s greatest enemy. Now Achilles must find a way to not only save the king, but also the woman he might very well be in love with.

Ms. Le Veque has created a vivid historical romance. The descriptions of the era are luscious and full, transporting the listener back in time with the characters. What stands out especially about this novel is the chemistry between Susanna and Achilles. This is a story with a lot of build to it as well. The characters are thrown into the action, and their romance sizzles and bubbles until it boils to sexy perfection! Mixed with the political intrigue, it makes for a delicious and balanced book that is unique for the historical genre!

Mr. Wills gives a passionate performance, making him great to listen to. He does a great job keeping the momentum of the novel moving forward and bringing all of Ms. Le Veque’s imagery to life. Every character is distinctly performed, making them easy to tell apart during the intense scenes.

This is the perfect read for anyone who enjoys well developed historical settings and unique plots! Lovers of rich character-driven novels will also like this novel. It’s great alone and also as a continuation of the series!

Chelsea Andersen