The Seal of Daemons (The Watchers Book 2)

RR Pearl
Narrator: John York

LGBTQ: After holding off the New Watchers at the tomb of a fallen angel, Rafe and Alec thought they’d have the chance to breathe. Alas, they are taken on a new adventure when the Praesidium has gotten word that the New Watchers are on the hunt for the ring of King Solomon. Once more Alec, Clemy, Rafe, and Enoch travel around the world to unravel the mystery behind the location of the ring. As they travel, however, it seems Rafe has mysteries of his own for Alec to discover. The kind of mysteries that can make or break a relationship…assuming they survive their trip that is.

“The Seal of Daemons” is a wild ride that is action packed from start to finish! The second book in The Watchers series, this novel picks up right where the first one left off. Alec and Rafe are just as sizzling with their chemistry as before, and their bond grows deeper on an emotional and intellectual level. There are plenty of secrets uncovered throughout, and the constant drive of the plot keeps the book moving fast. All of the side characters have strong personalities that make them stand out even though they are in the background. The story is crisp and fairly easy to follow. That being said, the first book does need to be read in order to make full sense of the second one.

Mr. York gives a phenomenal performance. His voice shifts tone and pitch with ease for all of the different characters, making each distinct. The pace perfectly matches the scene playing out. With the action, his reading is full of urgency and energy, amping up the danger of the moment. During the more sensual moments, he’s full of passion and emotion. Throughout he is connected with the book and the characters living in it.

This is a great read for lovers of LGBT romance, paranormal adventures!

Chelsea Andersen