Samurai Tales: Legend of the Great Black Bear

Timothy Levester McCallum
Narrator: Lauren Garvin

FANTASY: The world is at war. Chaos reigns supreme, and a barbaric army known as The Creed is bent on taking control of the Great Continent. Only one hero is capable of saving the world from this heinous clan: The Great Black Bear. In order to do so, he must come into full power and knowledge of the magic within him. What ensues is an action packed romp that will uncover mysteries in a fantasy world that is unlike any other. Who is The Creed? What are their goals? Most importantly, can they be stopped? The man who is the Black Bear is going to find out, in an adventure that will forever brand him a legend.

“Samurai Tales” is an action packed paranormal novella, full of adventure set in a unique world! “Samurai Tales: Legend of the Great Black Bear” is a prequel to a much longer series. While it can be read on its own, this prequel also alludes to things that readers of the series will understand more. The novella takes the paranormal genre for a new spin, exploring fascinating folklore and culture! There are a few spots where more details and a deeper exploration of the narrative would help bring the book to life in a stronger way. Overall, it’s a quick and fascinating read that readers are going to crave more of until the very last page!

Ms. Garvin gives a passionate performance. She connects with the story in a way that truly helps it come to life. Her tone and pacing are a perfect match. Despite this, it can take some getting used to for the reader to hear a female voice performing a predominantly male point of view story. Some of her characters blend together as well, making it difficult to know who is speaking on occasion. Overall, the book is a fun listen!

This is a great listen for lovers of action, adventure, and fantasy!

Chelsea Andersen