Ruby Red (Zadok Series, #2)

Nikki Minty
Narrators: Khristine Hvam, Jodie Harris, James Patrick Cronin & James Fouhey
YOUNG ADULT: After being abandoned by Alex in the forests of Zadok, and basically left for dead, Harlow is heartbroken, confused, and determined to survive. When Jax comes to rescue her, it sets off a series of events that will forever change the world she lives in. Just being associated with him has seemed to make her enemy number one. As the caves of Winter fall into unrest, Harlow must make her escape to the villages in the forests of Spring. Once there, she must find a way to lay low, something that is easier said than done given how she has a tendency to always stand out. Looming in the shadows, Alex has come to his senses and has decided he’s not letting Harlow go without a fight.
Full of suspense and drama, “Ruby Red” is a fantastic and satisfying sequel! Picking up right where book one ends, it is important to read the first installment to get the most out of the story. Harlow continues to grow as a leading heroine. New challenges present themselves as she must discern the true feelings of her heart. It is torn between two different men who bring out a different piece of her personality. On top of that, the political background story amplifies in intensity. Some of the magic from book one is lost as there are fewer scenes involving Harlow’s past life as Ruby, though the author does provide closure on that portion of the story. Overall it’s an exciting continuation!
Khristine Hvam, Jodie Harris, James Patrick Cronin, and James Fouhey all give spectacular performances! Each adds a unique flavor to the character they were chosen to read. They also are able to mimic each other’s personifications of the characters to keep them consistent throughout the book. The pacing is perfect, and the energy remains even during some of the slower points in the story. An awesome production that makes for an awesome listen!
This is a great book for lovers of science fiction, romance, and adventure!
Chelsea Andersen