The Rocking Horse

Gloria Zachgo,
Narrator: Katie Otten

MYSTERY:  Twenty-two years ago, devastation hit Shady Creek, Kansas when Jenny Preston went missing on the same night her family was brutally murdered. For years, her grandparents have had to learn how to cope such a tragic loss, and Sheriff Will Barclay has had to live with the guilt of never being able to solve the case. Then Julie Hendricks comes to town to seek refuge from an abusive husband. With the help of new friends, she rediscovers her self-worth. Things take a surprising turn as Julie learns that she too may be connected to the murder case from so long ago and in a shocking way.

Gloria Zachgo has created a wonderful suspenseful mystery. Each of the characters is developed richly. The reader gets a small slice into their heads as the POV shifts through each one. Julie in particular is incredibly easy to relate to as she struggles with reclaiming her identity and not letting her past ruin her future. While certain aspects of the story seem predictable, there are enough twists and turns to keep the story engaging to the very last page.

Katie Otten is pleasant to listen to. Her overall tone fits the nature of the book and all of the characters well. Unfortunately, there are moments where her character tones blur together, making it difficult to tell who is speaking when. Her pacing is consistent throughout which works in some spots, but in others can create a lack of intensity when needed.

Overall, “The Rocking Horse” is a great listen for readers of all genres. There is a touch of romance, a lot of suspense, and characters to root for. It is the perfect length to plow through in a day, and readers are going to want to.

Chelsea Anderson