Redemption (Book 3: Blue Moon Saloon Series)

Anna Lowe

Narrator: Kelsey Osborne


PARANORMAL:  Soren Voss is existing but not really living, since his human mate, Sarah Boone, was killed in an ambush in Montana a year earlier.  Unbeknownst to Soren, Sarah actually escaped the slaughter and has been hunted by the Blue Blood clan for the past year.  Soren, his brother Simon, and some wolf-shifter friends have started anew in Arizona.  As this story begins, an exhausted and pregnant Sarah arrives in their town.  Soren reacts poorly after he realizes Sarah is not only alive but pregnant with some other man’s child. Sarah is without emotional reserves to deal with Soren’s rejection. They travel a bumpy road to find their way back to each other, and they confront some difficult challenges along the way.

As the title indicates, there is a strong theme of redemption throughout this audiobook.  The world building is extremely believable, and the conflicts are clearly delineated. The supporting characters, most notably Soren’s inner bear, bring depth as well as levity to this story! Both main characters have suffered tremendously for the past year, and both are in need of redemption.  The author brings the story around to this point using a slow build, culminating in an exciting finish.  There are a few times during this slow build that the story drags slightly; however, those times are few.  The thrilling ending makes up for this somewhat.

The narrator does a fine job connecting with the story.  There are times when the characters sound very similar, but the context within the story and often the character’s name being used in the conversation help keep the listener on track.  The recording quality is clear and crisp.  There are no obvious extraneous noises. The listener can easily hear the joy and sadness in the characters’ voices within the story.  

Carey Sullivan