Rebel Dragon (Aloha Shifters: Pearls of Desire Book 1)

Anna Lowe
Narrator: Kelsey Osborne

PARANORMAL:  Surfer Jenna Monroe is off to Maui to escape a stalker who is desperate to claim her for his own. On the flight over, she meets Connor Hoving, a dragon shifter from a low ranking family ancestry in the dragon hierarchy. Upon first meeting, his inner dragon knows right away that she might be his one-true-mate. How to tell her is another story. When the stalker’s messages continue to plague Jenna, even after her escape, she and Connor are driven closer together. Soon, Jenna is thrust into a world of shifters, vampires, mermaids, and other supernatural creatures beyond her wildest dreams. Does she have the courage to face the unknown and will she trust Connor enough to let him be her guide into this strange, new world.

“Rebel Dragon” starts right in the middle of the action. It’s intriguing, though a little choppy in the first, small beginning segments. Once the story gets going, however, it’s a gripping, steamy read that will leave listeners not wanting to stop. Jenna and Connor’s relationship is full of incredible chemistry. Their connection is fast, but well grounded. All of the side characters are a delight to read about as well. As a whole, the novel is a balanced and enticing listen with vivid world building that comes alive and will make listeners believe shifters are in fact real. Toward the end, the story takes some surprising twists and turns.

Kelsey Osborne’s performance is connected to the story. Each character comes alive with her energetic tone, making the whole novel fun to listen to. She especially shines as the lead heroine, Jenna, and really taps into every aspect of her personality.

This is a great read for lovers of romance and shifters alike!

Chelsea Andersen