The Omen of Crows Nest

Cathrina Constantine
Narrator: Amy Hall

MYSTERY/YOUNG ADULT: Penelope’s father was murdered, and she’s the only witness to the crime. The problem? No one believes her! Thought to be mad, Penelope is put into a psychiatric hospital until she realizes she has to tell a lie if she ever hopes to have her freedom again. That doesn’t stop her from looking for the truth, though. Determined to make a new life and untangle the mystery that derailed her old one, Penelope goes on a quest that could end in her doom. Whatever her family is hiding, she’s going to find it, and with that knowledge she will hopefully learn the full nature of her heritage.

Cathrina Constantine has created a mysterious young adult adventure full of twists and turns that will keep readers guessing! She creates a perfect dark ambiance that is both fascinating and, at times, frightening! “The Omen of Crows Nest” is full of magic and has many elements of a psychological thriller. Penelope makes for a strong heroine as she balances trying to find the truth with keeping herself out of trouble. Her life changes quickly, and she asks a lot of questions that will resonate with readers. There are a few sections of the book where the explanations get in the way of the action, and that can cause some confusion along with slowing down the pacing. Deeply developed characters and a satisfying conclusion will keep readers captivated!

Ms. Hall gives an emotional performance as she taps deeply into Penelope’s character. In doing so, she brings Penelope to life in a vibrant way! Some side characters do blend in with others, but Ms. Hall is able to give most a distinct sound and personality. Her pacing helps keep the story moving during some of the slower or more confusing moments, and she truly brings out the urgency in the more intense scenes! A fun listen!

This is a great listen for fans of paranormal mystery and young adult stories!

Chelsea Andersen