Midnight with the Marquess (The St. Clairs Book 2)

Alexa Aston
Narrator: Price Waldman

HISTORICAL:  Lady Rachel St. Clair believes in the possibility of love. She’s seen in it with her own eyes between her brother with his wife. When she meets Major Evan Drake, she thinks she’s found it for herself. After all, he’s teaching her how to kiss in clandestine meetings after midnight. Evan Drake, the Marquess of Merrick, on the other hand doesn’t believe love exists. His own father had murdered his mother right in front of his eyes. Rachel might have changed his mind about love, though. Until she betrays him. As their paths keep crossing, will she realize her mistake?

“Midnight with the Marquess” is a romance that will tug at the listener’s heartstrings in multiple ways! Be ready for a heart wrenching journey! Evan comes from a troubled past that greatly affects his perceptions of his present. When he meets Rachel, he has a great deal of emotional baggage. All the same, he is a hero the listener can connect and sympathize with, which is part of why his journey with Rachel is so enthralling. Unfortunately, this book recycles a plotline seen in many other historical romances. While the novel is steamy, and the characters have excellent chemistry, it is not a unique take on the genre. The writing is strong and easy to connect with, however.

Mr. Waldman’s performance is strong and helps the listener connect with the characters on a deeper level. His characterizations are unique and full of emotion, making them all the more real. The pacing of his voice helps with some of the slower points in the story, and keeps the listener gripped and wanting more!

This is a good read for anyone who wants a lustful, sensual read with strong characters! Perfect for romance and historical fans alike!

Chelsea Andersen