Lord of Winter: Lords of de Royans, Book 2

Kathryn Le Veque
Brad Wills

MEDIEVAL:  Sir Juston de Royans, Lord of Winter, has been tasked by Richard the Lionheart to secure Bowes Castle and protect his interests in the region.  As a legendary and highly skilled warrior he is feared by all who face him, until he crosses paths with the strong-willed sister-in-law of his defeated foe.  Emera la Marche is an intelligent and headstrong woman who will not bend to his will.  In the battle for his frozen heart, he may have finally met his match!


The world and characters created by Kathryn Le Veque are well-crafted, and will draw the listener in from the start.  Be warned though, there are multiple scenes involving threats of rape which are difficult to listen to.  And, for the main romance plot to center around Emera’s transition from frightened, “almost raped” woman to deciding Sir Juston is a generally good chap whom she should be with is difficult to understand, and could have been left out without affecting the story arc too much.  That being said, the writing is skillfully constructed and pacing is top notch – leaving this reviewer on the edge of her seat on more than one occasion!


The characters come alive with the expert delivery of Brad Wills, and within minutes he has drawn one into Kathryn Le Veque’s world.  Production standards are high on this one and there is no sign of extraneous noise in background, and vocals are clear and easy to understand.  Brad Wills' seemingly effortless performance is a treat for the ears.  Whilst elements of this story are difficult to listen to and believe, overall it is well written and highly produced.


TJ Richards