Last Girl Standing

Marjory Kaptanoglu
Narrator: Shaina Summerville

YOUNG ADULT/SCI-FI:  Sierra Mendez has always lived a peculiar life. Her mother refuses to let her drink the town water, among other strange rules. Things get even more complicated for her when she finds a dead body in the river near her home. The next thing she knows, everyone is acting strange, like robots — no emotion, no independent thought, just the perception of a perfect lifestyle. When a quarantine is enforced by the new chief of police, Sierra is convinced someone, or something, is trying to take over the town. Can Sierra and her friends stop this sinister force before it is too late?

“Last Girl Standing” is a creative science fiction, young adult adventure! It is a fresh story in a genre full of recycled tales. Its uniqueness is what makes it stand out and a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, the story is weakened by awkward similes and characterizations that distract from the drama. Sierra and friends are all fascinating personalities full of good banter and realistic bonds. The twists and turns the story takes propels the novel forward, leaving listeners needing to know more.

Ms. Summerville’s performance is one full of energy and life. She brings out the youth and personalities of the characters perfectly. Some of her voice work is incredibly strong, while some of her other characters are weak, which can make listening a little disjointed. She keeps the pacing good for the story throughout, however, keeping listeners engrossed.

Overall, “Last Girl Standing” is a fun adventure for all fans of dystopia, science fiction, or survival tales.

Chelsea Andersen