A Knight’s Persuasion (Knight’s Series, Book 4)

Catherine Kean

HISTORICAL: Edouard de Lanceau is the son and heir of Lord Geoffrey de Lanceau, of Sherstowe Keep in Modenshire, England. It is 1213, and Edouard lives with honor, and is not afraid to face difficult things – even when lying would be easier. This gets him in trouble with Lady Juliana de Greyne early in the story. The next time they meet, he is tricked into an engagement with Juliana’s sister. Nevertheless, on a routine trip to visit a neighboring keep, Edouard finds Lady Juliana unconscious and soaked, and unknowingly takes her back into danger. Edouard becomes a shackled prisoner while Juliana heals from her wounds and amnesia. They get help when they need it most, but it is clear from the start that they are facing many challenging situations.

This story proceeds steadily until the end, when the pace increases quite a bit. While this story can stand alone, it is related to the prior story in this series through the evil machinations of two major characters. The tension is taut throughout, and listeners will not want to stop this story once started. The events that unfold are believable, even though the story is set in medieval times. The plot feels original because of all the detail that the author provides, even if the trope is not uncommon.

James Gillies does a phenomenal job narrating this tale! When the listener forgets that a man is voicing a female character and just accepts the voice as is, then listeners know that a high-quality narrator is at work. His voice is smooth and pleasant, yet so many emotions are evident in his performance. The perfect narrator for this audiobook!

Carey Sullivan