How to Seduce a Spy (Potions and Passions Book 1)

Catherine Stein
Narrator: David Lane Pusey

PARANORMAL/HISTORICAL:  Elle Deschamps is a barmaid who also happens to be a potions expert. She’s quite good at it, but her talent won’t last for much longer if her magic supply runs out—a problem that is becoming more real every passing day. When she’s hired by a mysterious gentleman to help search for the source of the magical serum, she can’t say no. Enter Henry Ainsworth, an agent of the British crown. His job is to protect Elle at all costs so she can succeed in her mission. Their attraction is potent... and quite possibly the most dangerous aspect of their quest.

Ms. Stein has put a fresh twist on the historical romance genre with “How to Seduce a Spy”. Sprinkle in a touch of magic, and this is one fast-paced, sexy novel! Elle is a smart, independent woman whom readers will love and relate to quickly. Henry is not the typical alpha male hero found in romance novels. The way his personality compliments Elle’s makes them an easy couple to fall for. There are a few moments where the pacing of the story slows down as the world is fleshed out. However, there is also plenty of action along with some steamy love scenes.

Mr. Pusey provides a charming narrative that fits the novel perfectly and provides a nice, even pacing for the story, keeping the slower parts from dragging too much. His characterizations are diverse and well done. The only weak point in his delivery is that his female portrayals aren’t as well done as those for his male characters. Overall, Mr. Pusey creates the perfect ambiance for this novel!

Readers who enjoy steamy romance, historical adventures, and paranormal stories will love this novel.

Chelsea Andersen