Homecoming (Villa Vista Duology Book 1)

Frank Winter

SUSPENSE/THRILLER: Homecoming was supposed to be the best night of the students at Villa Vista High’s lives! Instead, it ends up being their last night alive. When tragedy strikes the school, the students are forced to remain on the grounds in the afterlife: a place that resembles Hell a whole lot more than Heaven. There, they must uncover the mystery of their deaths. How did they die? Why? And who is responsible? Trapped in Limbo, the students’ time is running out to uncover all of these truths before they are unjustly sent deep into the circles of Hell for the rest of eternity.

“Homecoming” is one of the most unique teen paranormal books on the shelves! From start to finish, it is driven by the large cast of characters. Each has been given the time and attention they deserve to become fully fleshed out individuals. Mr. Winter nails the teen drama aspect while blending it with themes of morality and the afterlife. Unfortunately, there are moments where the novel doesn’t feel balanced. So much time is taken on the characters that it stalls the plot from moving forward at a good pace. When the action happens, it comes in full force! This is a truly intriguing book!

The narration is provided by the author, and this adds a wonderful layer of connection to the words on the page. Mr. Winter is passionate about his work and proud of it, and it shows! His ability to create different voices and tones for the characters is wonderful. For the most part, all are easy to tell apart. Only on occasion do they blend together. Accents are incorporated when needed. The pacing is good, helping carry some of the slower parts of the book and making them more gripping. A few special effects are added in, and that adds to the overall quality of the production making it top notch!

This is a great book for lovers of suspense and paranormal stories!

Chelsea Andersen