High Warrior (High Warriors of Rohan Book 1)

Kathryn Le Veque
Narrator: Sean Patrick Hopkins

HISTORICAL:  The Irish “High Warrior,” Sir Bric MacRohan, has no intentions to marry. He was born to fight, a huge man with a love for combat who pities his married comrades. But family ties are tight and politically motivated. When Bric discovers he is slated to wed Lady Eiselle de Gael—and has no choice in the matter—he is miserable. He warns his cousin that he would “treat his wife as he saw fit.” All of his bluster changes once he meets his intended, and in the most unbecoming way. Lady Eiselle has stomach troubles, and her first utterance to Bric is a burp that nearly blows him “onto his arse.” In spite of her very human flaws, Eiselle proves to be a gracious wife. When Bric suffers a battle wound—one that damages both his body and his psyche—will she stand by him?

Kathryn Le Veque brings the Middle Ages to life. Eloquent turns of phrase draw the reader in with vivid, striking contrasts: knights attacking a city under a night sky where stars are “smeared across the heavens.” She paints her characters with wonderful touches of humor. Bric is this huge, fearsome knight with a tender underbelly. Eiselle is unassuming and gracious, a real person with whom we can identify. The love scenes are steaming hot yet classy and full of emotion. The only distraction in this lovely story are the frequent and unpredictable changes in point of view, which in places confuse. No chance of getting bogged down in the complicated history, however, because this tale is so artfully told.

Narrator Sean Patrick Hopkins does an outstanding job. He switches seamlessly between British and Irish accents, as well between male and female voices, making for a smooth and enjoyable listening experience!

FS Brown