Heart of Fire: Alice Worth Series, Book 2

Lisa Edmonds
Narrator: Felicity Munroe

PARANORMAL:  Private Investigator of the Supernatural—that’s Alice Worth’s title, a mage whose life hasn’t exactly been peachy of late. Insomnia plagues her, and she’s drinking more than she eats. In general—she’s falling apart. Her sidekick, Malcolm—a ghost—is worried about her. When a former employer hires her to investigate a case of disappearing women, Alice finds herself reunited with a former lover, the werewolf Sean, forcing her to face her own internal demons. Demons, however, abound. Stalked by federal agents as well as powerful vampires, Alice must summon all of her powers to protect not only the citizens of the city, but herself and those close to her heart as well. 

Fast-paced and action-packed, the story created by this author is both intriguing and addictive, as is the world she builds. Her prose is lively and entertaining and laced with just the right amount of humor. Alice’s character is deeply developed, with a strong and spunky side as well as very flawed, very human weaknesses. Another of her magical powers is revealed at every turn. The hero, Sean, is less well defined, and at times less likeable than most romantic heroes. For this reason, the romance plotline feels somewhat lacking—something the reader definitely yearns for more of with the sexy, alpha wolf Sean! In short, this suspenseful urban fantasy pulls the reader into an imaginative world—one that seamlessly marries reality with the supernatural—through the author’s outstanding storytelling skills.

The choice of Felicity Munroe as narrator was the perfect one. Despite some fluctuation in production volume, her lively, engaging voice effectively differentiates between the characters’ voices. She also adds just enough of a snarking lilt to highlight the heroine’s cocky attitude and humorous undertones in this totally enjoyable listen!

FS Brown