Gambling on Her Dragon (Shifters in Vegas Book 1)

Anna Lowe
Narrator: Kelsey Osborne

PARANORMAL: Wolf shifter Trey Dixon visits Las Vegas and is such a good poker player that he wins $90,000.00 in one night. Unfortunately, that makes him a target. Kaya Proulx is a dragon shifter, and she does what she can to save him from those targeting him, but in the end, she steals his money to save her sister, and leaves him on his own to escape the ruffians—which he does. His inner wolf sees beyond the obvious circumstances, but Trey is a bit slower to accept that Kaya is his mate. In the quest to find her again and get some answers, he ends up attracting the attention of a local territorial wolf pack, and he gets caught up in a mess involving gamblers, vampires, and other shady dealers.

This is a shorter audiobook, but there is a lot of detail included within it. The pace holds listeners’ interest throughout much of the story, which has some intriguing elements; however, the dialogue feels somewhat stilted at times. This is the start of a new series by this author, and these protagonists are interesting enough to cause listeners to want to know more about them and the peripheral characters from this story, who might be featured in future audiobooks.

The narrator speaks clearly throughout the story, but sometimes the pauses between phrases or sentences lasts a bit long. The production quality is great, and there aren’t any unexpected noises or obvious breaks in the recording. There isn’t a lot of difference in the voices for the various characters, but the author does make the distinction clear through her descriptive storytelling.

Carey Sullivan