Eve of Darkness (The Dark Age Chronicles)

T.L. Bailey
Narrator: Wesley Bruff

PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE:  1717, a period of darkness. The world is struggling to survive as it is overrun by pirates, and those in power who seek to abuse those beneath their position. All of this is fueled by an even more terrifying force of evil. Eve, a girl born with a mark on her hand, has been deemed the chosen one to stop this darkness. Coming from a world of abuse and neglect, she has never been instructed how to use the gifts she was given at birth. Upon learning about her new destiny, she must not only fight for survival, but for humanity as a whole.

Full of vivid descriptions, magic, and drama, “Eve of Darkness” will captivate readers! Eve is a young woman whose life is one full of tragedy and challenges. The struggle to make it through the day is a constant one. Her resilience and determination is inspiring. As a whole, Eve is easy to connect with. T.L. Bailey does a fantastic job of making her grandfather’s evil believable as well. A few slow moments occur in the story as the stage is set, but the plot is deep and enchanting, making readers desperate for more. 

Mr. Bruff gives a performance that is full of energy! He gives each character their own unique voice, making them easy to tell apart as well as connect with. His voice for Eve is a bit lacking, unfortunately. While full of emotion, it sounds a bit high and unrealistic. The performance of the story’s villain is raw and rich and amps up the terror he infuses into the book. 

This is a great book for lovers of historical settings, dark fantasy and tales of triumph over evil!

Chelsea Andersen