Elizabeth: Obstinate, Headstrong Girl (The Quill Collective Book #5)

Tessa Dare (foreword), Christina Boyd, Joana Starnes, Amy D'Orazio, Jenetta James, Karen Cox, Christina Morland, Elizabeth Adams, Beau North, J. Croft, Leigh Dreyer
Narrator: Elizabeth Grace


Since Jane Austen’s creation of Elizabeth Bennet’s character, readers have fallen in love with Lizzy’s sassy attitude towards Mr. Darcy. In honor of representing such an “obstinate, headstrong” woman, a handful of different authors came together to create 10 re-imagined stories of Lizzy in all different forms, ranging from the Austen era to contemporary times. We see stories of Darcy and Lizzy growing old together, attending a blind date together, almost marrying other people, working in the Hollywood world, and expanding their lives in the original “Pride and Prejudice” world. There’s even a chapter including Lizzy’s adolescent years! Though, the moral of all the romantic anthologies is consistent: the two soulmates always seem to find their way to one another.

These authors will surely bring readers into a state of nostalgic tears as the craving and addiction for the originally loved “Pride and Prejudice” characters sends them into a frenzy of need, they never knew they had. This novel is a classic and very hard to re-shape, but the authors managed to create the world in a magical light with exquisite and realistic world-building skills. Some of the stories did grow a bit tedious with extended descriptions, however, listening to Darcy and Elizabeth fall in love repeatedly was enthralling every time. Readers will become infatuated with this witty couple all over again.

Elizabeth Grace’s narration is impeccable as she guides the listeners gracefully through each new chapter. She beautifully changes accents and voice levels to accommodate for new time periods, as well as, for new characters. The way she portrays Lizzy’s voice is obviously different with accents and attitudes in all the anthologies, yet there is an unmistakable tone about her voice that listeners can immediately recognize, making it easy to flow into each new story’s setting.

Austen Grace