Desperately Seeking Sixty-Nine

J.D. Frettier
Hollie Jackson

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Bonnie and Peter met and fell in love at Woodstock in the summer of 1969.  Fast forward 47 years later, and after a long and free loving marriage, Bonnie unexpectedly passes away and ends up in “The Green Room”.  She meets up with her best friend who passed away a few years ago and begins her journey to learn how the afterlife works, and reconnect with Peter.

J D Frettier is at the top of her game with this novella! It is full of delightfully witty dialogue and oozing with humor.  The only drawback is that listeners may not get the conflict of the story until nearly the end.  However, the setting of the story in the afterlife is a refreshing twist and is thoroughly enjoyable, and listeners will have all fingers crossed that the “nip-amp” is still on offer when they get to the Green Room.  Don’t let the steam level be cause for alarm - the scenes were well written and will have listeners snorting with laughter at times!

Narrator Hollie Jackson was a great choice for breathing life into this highly entertaining story, and her character voices were top notch.  There were a few places that the “matter of fact” style of delivery felt like it didn’t fully convey the emotion of the scene, however it is a first person narrative and it did fit with the personality of the main character - so is only slightly niggling.  The production quality of the audio was extremely high and gave the whole project a polished, professional feel.

Overall this was a laugh-out-loud and enjoyable listen, a solid 4 stars and highly recommended to anyone with an evening to spare!

TJ Richards