Dead Winner

Kevin G.
SUSPENSE/THRILLER: Rory McEntyre is a nerdy estate lawyer who likes to fall into a fantasy world of video games. He never thought he’d be a real hero, then his ex, Monica, walks through his office door with the case of a $60 million winning lottery ticket and a dead husband. After being named as the most likely suspect, Monica isn’t sure where else to turn. Rory takes on the hat of private detective to help her clear her name. In doing so, they connect on a whole new level that throws Rory into the line of fire.
“Dead Winner” is rich with mystery and intrigue! From the beginning, readers will be hooked and desperate to know who-done-it! Full of twists and turns, “Dead Winner” is hard to predict despite it following a similar pattern to most mystery and suspense novels. Rory is smart as well as strong. His chemistry with Monica simmers with heat and grows throughout the novel. The constant danger makes for constant action. From start to finish, the book is full throttle! While the book is part of the same universe as another series, “Dead Winner” is a standalone mystery and easy to follow.
Mr. Chapman performs his own work for the audio version, and that adds a nice connection to the material. His characters are all distinct and easy to differentiate. In particular, his female characters are well done, along with his general narration of the book. The voice chosen for Rory feels a tad bit off, however. The overall pacing of the book is perfect. Intense moments of action are read with an urgency while the slower parts keep a solid speed that drives the story forward. As a whole, the production amplifies the mystery and suspense! “Dead Winner” is the perfect read for lovers of mysteries with a sizzle!
Chelsea Andersen