The Captain: The Griffin Force #2

Julie Coulter Bellon
Narrator: Tristan Wright

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  During a mission with the Griffon Force team, Colt Mitchell finds himself captured by the terrorist Nazer-al-Raimi, the very man his team is trying to hunt down.  While in captivity, Colt encounters someone he never expected.  Brenna, undercover as a slave in order to discover Nazer’s next move, is shocked to discover the next hostage is her old boyfriend.  Not able to stand back and let Colt suffer, Brenna is determined to find a way to save his life without compromising her mission in the process.  As the two embark on an impossible journey, they must work together in-order to survive and protect innocent countries from the wrath of a terrorist.

A gripping adventure, “The Captain” will have readers glued to the story until the exciting conclusion.  The second installment in the Griffin Force series, one does not need to have read the first book to fully enjoy this story, however some background and character development will be sacrificed if not read in order.  The slow-burn romance between Colt and Brenna compliments the fast-paced action scenes, adding just enough sweetness to balance out the tension-filled plot.  Whether readers are new to the series or continuing, they will not be able to put this book down.

Mr. Wright delivers a captivating performance, drawing listeners quickly into the story.  Each character has a subtle unique accent, giving each their own voice, even if it is not overly obvious.  Although some scenes could use a little more emotion or distinction between characters, it does not take away from the great overall experience.  With many twists and nail-biting action scenes, “The Captain” makes for a great audiobook, one that will be hard to stop listening to until the final climax.

Amy Cefoldo