Bury the Lead

Mischa Thrace
Narrator: Joyce Oben

Young journalist Kennedy Carter has a love for Sherlock Holmes and his crime solving methodology, so much so she incorporates them into her investigative reporting skills. With them, she’s determined to win the Excellence in Emerging Journalism award which comes with a fantastic cash prize. With it, she hopes to leave her small town and get out into the real world. Murder is afoot in the town, however, spinning from a local urban legend. Several of her classmates have gone missing only to later turn up dead. She and her best friend Ravi are on a race against time to find the killer before they end up next on the hit list.

Ms. Thrace has crafted a twisting, turning mystery that will keep readers guessing throughout! “Bury the Lead” pays homage to the main character’s idol, Sherlock Holmes in several ways: from Kennedy and Ravi’s character dynamics to the flow of the mystery itself. Kennedy herself holds a lot of the same traits as Sherlock Holmes. For some readers, she might be a bit off putting, while others will appreciate the nod to a mystery classic. A number of the twists are unexpected. Most make sense, however there are a few that feel a bit out of left field in the moment. Everything comes together in one explosive end!

Ms. Oben gives a strong, emotional performance! Her portrayal of Kennedy is spot on, catching all of the fine details that make up Kennedy’s character. While her voice doesn’t change dramatically for Ravi, she still captures his personality well. Some of her other side characters mix together, making it a bit hard to tell them apart. Her tone is very lyrical, and sometimes that makes the narration seem slow. However, she does a great job at amping up the mystery and creating an ambiance that is fitting for the genre!

This is the perfect read for lovers of historical romances!

Chelsea Andersen