Body Wave (The Bad Hair Day Mysteries, Book 4)

Nancy J. Cohen
Narrator: Mary Ann Jacobs

MYSTERY:  Marla Shore spends her days cutting and dyeing her customers' hair, and her free time tracking down murderers. When her ex-husband is accused of murdering his third wife, he asks Marla to take the case. Her ex may be an annoying thorn from her past, but he’s not a murderer. Marla goes undercover as a nurse’s aide for the dead woman's grandmother. It isn't long before Marla realizes that any number of friends and family had motive to kill the victim. With the assistance of a sexy detective, Marla hunts down clues, piecing together the crime. As the body count racks up, she'll have to work fast before she becomes a loose end that needs snipping.

“Body Wave” is an enjoyable cozy mystery audiobook that will keep the listener guessing from chapter one as there is no shortage of suspects or clues for Marla to pursue. While this is the fourth book in the series, the dynamics of Marla's relationship with family and friends are easy to follow. Marla's love life with the detective weaves in and out with the mystery plot. Her on again, off again feelings towards him may get old for some since at thirty-five she should know her mind, but it’s worth hanging in there. The final climactic scene combined with a colorful cast of characters makes for a satisfying mystery adventure.

Mary Ann Jacobs offers a delightful repertoire of voices in a professional audio format. From a Jewish octogenarian to an Evangelist preacher to a thirteen-year-old girl, her broad range of talent makes each character come alive. She also narrates the previous three stories in the series. With her distinct character portrayals, listeners are certain to be entertained.

Tricia Hill