The Blue Moon Saloon Volume One

Anna Lowe
Narrator: Kelsey Osborne

PARANORMAL:  Sisters Jessica and Janna are on the run from rebel wolf shifters who killed their pack in a deadly fire. They find shelter at the Blue Moon Saloon, a small, rundown bar run by two bear shifters, who aren’t strangers after all. Owners Simon and his brother Soren have also run to the saloon in search of a second chance. Simon and Jessica once believed they were destined for each other. Is that still the case? Janna finds a local human attractive, but can they ever be more than just friends? Soren has lost the love of his life, or has he? Here are three stories of love, loss, and redemption all in one!

“The Blue Moon Saloon Volume One” is a collection of three novellas, “Damnation”, “Temptation”, and “Redemption”. Each is a powerful story of second-chance love between one of the three standout couples. All can be read individually. As a collection, each picks up right where the previous novella left off. Ms. Lowe’s writing is passionate and provides an intimate experience inside the heads of all of her characters, making for a gripping and exciting read! Ms. Lowe knows her shifters, and the world in which they live in is very real! All three novellas follow a similar formula, which can make reading them back-to-back take away from the true quality of each. The writing itself is flawless and captivating, really making it a great experience for fans of romance— especially those who love second chance tales.

Kelsey Osborne’s performance is exciting and just as passionate as the characters she is portraying. She makes the listening experience intimate and special for the audience, really bringing every character to life.

This is a fantastic world for all romance lovers, featuring sensual and emotional storytelling at its finest!

Chelsea Andersen