Blackwolfe: Sons of de Wolfe (de Wolfe Pack Book 7)

Kathryn Le Veque

Narrator: Brad Wills


HISTORICAL:  It’s 1279 A.D., and Cassiopeia de Norville is Paris de Norville’s only surviving daughter; thus, he really wants to find her a good husband.  Edward de Wolfe is a diplomat instead of a fighter like the rest of his sizeable family, and he has always felt ‘less than’ his brothers and his father because of this.  Paris and Edward’s father are close friends, and many of their offspring have intermarried.  Edward is interested in Cassiopeia, but so is another suitor, Daniel, who has ulterior motives for seeking her hand. She is not interested in him, especially after spending time with Edward.  After Daniel’s anger gets the better of him, her interest declines even further, but she is forced to spend time with him because of a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ made between the two men.  Male pride also plays a huge role in this story, nearly leading to tragedy before the denouement.  

These characters are fully rendered and believable.  The plot is original, and moves along at a rolling pace.  The writing and narrating style are both consistent and credible.  This was a delightful book to hear, and the quality of the narration makes it a richer experience than just reading it might give to the listener.  Certain books need to be heard to be fully experienced; this is one of those books!

The narration is excellent.  The narrator and the story fit together perfectly. Brad Wills has a voice that is engaging.  He draws the listener into the story and his character portrayals are nuanced and definitive.  The accents are believable and appropriate-sounding.  There aren’t any unexpected or unnecessary noises in the audiobook and the sound quality of the recording is on point.  This is a quality production!

Carey Sullivan