The Big Break-up of 1948

James Grant Goldin
Narrator: Nancy Bober

MYSTERY: Getting divorced from your detective partner while trying to solve a case is hard. Mr. Jeremiah and Mrs. Jessica Key have to do exactly that when they’re called to the Mayflower hotel in Washington D.C. to investigate a murder. Hijinks abound as they fall deeper into the rabbit hole and discover nothing is quite as it seems. Can the ex-couple hold it together long enough to find the culprit? Or will their personal drama get the better of them in the end?

This humorous and exciting mystery will keep readers guessing from start to finish! Mr. Goldin has created a tale full of chemistry and tension, with a great balance of strong characters and a fulfilling plot. He has done a great job capturing an era dramatically, so unlike our own, putting readers right into the setting and the action. Jeremiah and Jessica Key might have a failing marriage, but their interactions with one another are nothing but a success! Their banter is light and flows easily. Together, they make quite a hilarious team. Some readers might struggle with getting interested in the story in the beginning. Once it gets going, however, this novella is hard to put down! Readers will be guessing the entire time, and come to find satisfaction at the end of this humorous caper.

Ms. Bober has a wit and tone that match the novel perfectly. Her performance truly brings out a great deal of the subtle humor, making the book even funnier for listeners. With her vocal pitch, she’s able to create different patterns of speech that make it easy to tell which character is speaking when. Sometimes, her pacing feels a little too slow, and while it doesn’t take away from the emotion of the story, it can be distracting. Overall, it’s a fun and entertaining, and listeners will not want to take a break from it!

A great listen for lovers of cozy mysteries, and romantic comedies!

Chelsea Andersen