Beyond the Sun – Dark Order of the Dragon #1

Sandra Bischoff
Michelle Sparks

PARANORMAL:  Jared Bonatelli, the youngest son of one of the founding families of the Conservatorship of the Dark Order, is still recovering after the loss of his childhood sweetheart and fiancée at the hands of Vampires.  As he tries to find his place in this lonelier world he meets Alexandra Toscano, a reporter looking for her break into the big leagues – and the sparks fly.  Will she expose him and the supernatural world he protects, or fall for him?


Sandra Bischoff has written a thoroughly enjoyable debut novel that sets the scene for a highly anticipated series.  She juggles multiple characters and viewpoints with an ease that ensures the listener is drawn into the story.  Although in the beginning it seems Alexandra went from being a non-believer to a believer very quickly (she was faced with the Jared's stunning good looks, so who can really blame her for taking whatever came out of his mouth as truth), the journey that each character takes within the plot was also interesting and well written.


Narrator Michelle Sparks did a great job pulling the different characters out of the pages and giving them authentic voices and emotions.  There were a few sections where background noise was noticeable but overall the audio production was good quality and her narration style was a good match for the story being told.  The different personalities infused into each character’s voice made the dialogue easy to follow and enjoyable to listen to.


Listeners with a penchant for the paranormal genre will be pleasantly surprised by this audiobook and will find themselves eyeing up the sequel!


TJ Richards