Been Searching For You

Nicole Evelina
Ashley Clements

CONTEMPORARY:  Oh, the feels!  Annabeth is a hopeless romantic.  Not only has she saved her virtue, she has saved her heart for just the right man.  On her 34th birthday, in walks Alex — a ridiculously handsome professor who meets all of Annabeth’s high standards.  Through many ups and downs and pushing and pulling one learns lessons about trust, love, heartbreak, frenemies and insecurities, all leading to an epic happy ending the listener will never see coming.


Nicole Evelina must be a true romantic.  For a story to pull on as many heartstrings as she yanks throughout this audio, she would have to be.  Listeners can expect to shed tears of joy, triumph, soul-crushing rejection and complete adoration. There are moments that drag on, opening the window for the mind to wander, but once through those instances there is much to learn and absorb.  The characters are cultivated thoroughly, giving the listener a personal experience.  “Been Searching For You” is advertised as a romantic comedy but the humor is slight, making the book sound more like a contemporary romance.  


Listeners will appreciate the smooth tone of voice that the narrator, Ashley Clements, has.  However, because of this, her voice is monotone at times making the narration not the biggest highlight of this audio.  Ms. Clements does create individual characters with her voice, however, which allows the listener to know who is speaking before it is announced.  This is definitely a must-have characteristic when one is relying solely on audio to create an experience.


Misty Walker