Asgard Park: The Summer of 1991

Ronald Simonar
Narrator: Dennis Heath

PARANORMAL MYSTERY: This is an intricate tale told in three seemingly unrelated parts involving separate protagonists in different parts of the world, followed by a fourth part that ties them all together. The main characters are Shequere Avhiu, a young widow in Albania; Birger Wallenberg, originally from Sweden, who is the new Director of Research for Asgard Park Mental Institute in upstate New York; and Burton Crane, a troubleshooter for the NSA stationed in London. The unifying thread is Heimdallr, the Nordic Watchman who never sleeps and who guards Bifrost, (the rainbow bridge between worlds). Wallenberg starts to develop some uncanny abilities, which causes him to question his own sanity. Meanwhile, through unforeseen circumstances, Shequere finds herself homeless and on the run from police. Minor characters include a biker gang, a wealthy baron, a drug lord, and the supposedly disbanded communist Stasi.

This unique story ties everything together, but calls for patience. It’s not always evident why certain information is presented, but it eventually becomes clear. There are also some violent incidents and some chilling accounts of life in Albania. The main protagonists are described well, and listeners can easily evaluate their motivating forces and internal conflicts. The pace stays consistent and will draw in the discerning listener. Things often look bleak for each of these protagonists, but hope triumphs in the end.

The recording quality of this audiobook is excellent, and the narrator has a delightful voice. Each of the main protagonists has a distinct voice; however, some of the minor characters sound nearly identical, with intonations that sound remarkably like the voice of Hagrid from the Harry Potter movies. Aside from that issue, there are no extra or unexpected noises within the recording. Dennis Heath does a wonderful job bringing these characters to life in a believable way!

Carey Sullivan