Apollo’s Raven (Apollo's Raven #1)

Linnea Tanner,
Narrator: Kristin James

FANTASY/HISTORICAL:  Celtic kings are warring with one another. When the former queen of one those kings is executed for treason, she puts a curse on his reign that will be the undoing of his kingdom. Catrin, the daughter of this king, has been declared the vessel to bring about this disaster. In her visions, she sees a chance to change the future, but at what cost? Then there is Marcellus, a Roman soldier taken hostage by Catrin’s father. While he is tasked with spying on his captors, Catrin is given the job to spy on him – a job that results in both of them falling for the other. Can they find a way to be together, despite being mortal enemies?

“Apollo’s Raven” is a good balance of adventure, magic, and romance. Every side character has a unique voice and personality, and each has a backstory that is intriguing to the point of the listener wanting more. What makes this book especially fun is the spin on ancient history as it blends real events and people with the realm of the magical. Marcellus and Catrin have undeniable chemistry. Their journey is one full of turmoil, betrayal, and lust.

Kristin James’ performance is full of distinct voices and accents for the various characters, which is always a treat as a listener. However, some of the accents were confusing as to why they were chosen for certain characters. One would have a standard American accent, and another British, and another Irish, though those characters were not from that part of the world. While they were all well done, it took a while to get used to the experience. Her passion is present and her pacing excellent, so despite all of that, it makes for an engaging listen all the same.

“Apollo’s Raven” is great for those who love fantasy, history, and a good steamy romance.

Chelsea Anderson